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  • Purpose of High Speed And Efficiency Edge Banding Machine
    High Speed And Efficiency Edge Banding Machine is one of the three major equipment for panel furniture. At present, there are portable edge banding machines, manual edge banding machines, semi-automatic edge banding machines and automatic edge banding machines on the market..
  • The use and precautions of chamfering machine?
    Chamfering machine (beveling machine) is a special tool for chamfering pipes or flat plates at the front end of welding. The beveling machine solves the shortcomings of irregular angles, rough slopes, and high working noise during operations such as flame cutting and grinder grinding..
  • What is the role of Software Processing Center?
    Software Processing Center is a versatile machine tool that can machine flat surfaces (horizontal, vertical), grooves (keyways, T-slots, dovetails, etc.), split-toothed parts (gears, splined shafts, sprockets, etc.) on a milling machine ), helical surfaces (threads, helical grooves) and various curved surfaces..
  • The introduction of the belt sander
    We have over 100 employees in the factory. Among them, 20 people are engineering team. They will give you best support of product quality and long term maintenance. 18 people are sales team,they will always be ready for your PO.(China belt sander).
  • The function of the belt sander
    Suzhou Gaojing CNC Machinery Co., ltd established in 2015. We are the leading enterprise in the woodworking machinery line.(China belt sander).
  • Tenoning machine is a kind of automatic equipment
    Tenoning machine is a kind of automatic equipment, saving manpower..